Hottest Moments From Yesterday’s Snapchat Takeover With Katie May

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Nice Move

Image via @MsKatieMay

If you aren’t following our Snapchat (TFMofficial), you should fucking slap yourself. Yesterday, a dime took over our account for your viewing pleasure, and if you’re not following us, you obviously missed the boner boat. If you want to add her on Snapchat and follow her on Instagram, her Snapchat is ms_katiemay and her Instagram is @MsKatieMay.

Fortunately for you, we’ve included a recap below, featuring some of the hottest moments from yesterday’s takeover to slake your immediate lust. Be sure to add us on Snapchat (TFMofficial) so you don’t miss out in the future, because we don’t do freebie recaps like this often, and enjoy the fire below.



If you’re interested in doing a Snapchat takeover on our account, email (not .com).


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