Moron Live Streams Himself Driving 115 MPH Before Turning Car Into Hunk Of Twisted Metal

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Nice Move

115 mph car crash

Before watching this video, I had suppressed the state of Rhode Island from my memory. It lied to me in the past — by saying it was an island when it’s very clearly not — and I just didn’t want to be hurt again.

Now, Rhode Island has taken another victim: this guy’s car. Though you can probably make a pretty good case that the driver, who was speeding and Facebook Live-ing at the time, is at fault here.

They say it’s not the driving of your car that totals it and almost kills you. It’s not the weaving through traffic at 115 MPH either, or the driving on shoulders as your fellow highwaygoers gaze bewildered upon your idiotic grand prix. It’s the crashing into the back of a garbage truck. There’s a lesson to be learned here, kids, and that lesson is this: stay away from Rhode Island.

Still a better Facebook Live than your stupid Thanksgiving mannequin challenge.

[via YouTube]

Image via YouTube


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