My Life Is Complete Again: Jaromir Jagr Is Bringing Back The Mullet

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Nice Move

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Just two short weeks ago when Jaromir Jagr responded “I don’t care” to a chick who was trying to extort him with a nude picture, I proclaimed that Jaromir Jagr was my favorite hockey player. How can you not respect a man who rocked a mullet for years, is still playing in the NHL at the age of 43, and whose favorite player is himself?

It might be a security blanket thing, seeing as Jagr has been in the NHL since before I was born (he already had two Stanley Cups under his belt by then, too) and I don’t know life without JJ playing professional hockey, I’m not sure. All I know is that I love him. And now, I love him even more.

It’s true, we all have Roberto Luongo to thank for the return of the party on the back of Jagr’s head.

Thanks, Roberto! Here’s some additional publicity for you as a “thank you” present.

It’s mullet season in South Florida, baby.

And so it begins.

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