Naked Girls Are Covering Their Ts And Ps With One Finger In New Social Media Trend

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Nice Move

Normally I think social media trends are incredibly stupid, although I can say that I absolutely killed the Mannequin Challenge in bed with my girlfriend last night. She didn’t even know I was doing it!

I also think some things from Japan are pretty stupid. Google their living robot toilets and Kyoto-tucky Bourbon and you’ll see what I mean.

But I won’t mince words. Today I discovered something that hits both of those categories that engorged my interest. It’s called the One Finger Selfie Challenge.

From Daily Dot:

The One Finger Selfie challenge dares women to take a photo that censors both their nipples and crotch using only a single digit. The challenge was spurred by an illustration from Sky-FreeDom, a Japanese anime artist whose work is popular on the fan art site Pixiv and a little more risqué than most.

It looks like this:


Here’s what the challenge looks like on three dimensional women:




So yeah. Definitely more interesting than watching a bunch of fuckers fall on the floor when Trump comes in the room or the Harlem Shake. Editor’s note by Dorn: Bull fucking shit. The Harlem Shake was awesome. Still is.

I’m honestly a lot more excited about all the bloopers and misfires than I am about the trend itself. Slightly misplace the finger, and suddenly add a couple of Xs to your NC-17. Gold.

Although, the trend’s gonna get mobbed by fat guys in like a matter of hours. Just like EHarmony.

[via Daily Dot]

Image via Shutterstock


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