Nation’s #1 Pledges Clemson

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Nice Move

The nation’s consensus #1 football recruit, defensive end Robert Nkemdiche from Loganville, Georgia, committed to Clemson on Thursday. Clemson edged out seeming favorite Alabama for the verbal. That’s an accomplishment in itself with the way the Nicktator dominates the recruiting trail. His name is as difficult to pronounce as his skills off the edge are impressive. Above you’ll see Nkemdichimcheechi donning his “Not Frat To Care” shirt in a prominent display of nonchalance. You have to respect the guy’s blatant disregard for the Greek community. And as a quarterback who values his safety, you have to respect his presence on the field.

If you’re keeping track, you know that the overall top recruit in 2011, also a defensive end, attends the University of South Carolina. Jadaveon Clowney had an impressive freshman campaign. With the existence of the relentless Clemson/South Carlina rivalry, the comparisons will now start rolling in, and heated arguments will ensue. Is the state of South Carolina big enough for these two? Their annual matchups just got a little more exciting, but unfortunately, these two will likely only share the football field for one game. Clowney is the kind of talent that departs for the NFL draft after his junior season.

These two teams likely won’t threaten to earn any conference hardware in the coming years, but their brands of football are a little saltier now.



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    “These two teams likely won’t threaten to earn any conference hardware in the coming years” What exactly do you mean by that Dorn? Clemson’s been to the ACC Championship Game 2 of the past 3 years and are defending conference champs. South Carolina went to the SEC Championship Game 2 years ago. Lace ’em up.

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      On a website? No, not really. Doesn’t rank to high on my priorities list. You, on the other hand, seem to feel a strong sense of belonging because of your frequent comment positioning. That being said, I’m not trying to take your joy away, because to bat .1000 like you have the past several weeks is impressive. It takes time and dedication, which you seem to have way to much of the first one. Point of the story is this: please, by all means, feel free to fuck off.

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