NBA Player Leaves Fan Hanging On Fist Bump, Ruins His Life (VIDEO)

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Nice Move

The Houston Rockets barely managed to prevent being swept by a Russell Westbrook-less Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night, thanks in part to a monster performance from Chandler Parsons. His stat line, however, would not be the biggest story of the evening.

Shortly after the conclusion of the game, Parsons and his teammates were celebrating with each other, and the Houston faithful, when this happened…

It is one of the worst cases of being “left hanging” that has ever been recorded on film. Parsons appears to be approaching the fan, assumedly to “dap him up,” as the kids call it, but he suddenly changes course and executes a fake-out to hair-slick-back move. Was it intentional, or an accidental omission caused by the adrenaline of the game, excitement of victory, and need to keep his head lettuce in line? We may never know.

Other NBA players noticed the atrocity as well…

No word on whether or not the middle-aged ginger man has recovered from this brutally demoralizing oversight, but it goes without saying that his children’s children will weep when they think of this fateful fist bump gone awry.

UPDATE: It appears Mr. Parsons has been made aware of the situation, and wants to rectify his mistake.

Let’s just hope it’s not too late.



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