Nearly $90,000 Missing From Theta Delta Chi At Penn State

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Nice Move

After noticing the chapter bank account balance was alarmingly low due to a few unauthorized cash withdrawals of large sums of money, executive members of Penn State’s Theta Delta Chi fraternity contacted law enforcement. An investigation is under way.

Police say that $57,000 was suspiciously withdrawn from the account from August 2011 to December 2012 and another $30,000 via debit card.

Can you picture that one guy in every chapter who’s super shady? You know, the one with the debilitating drug problem that doesn’t come around very often, but when he does, he starts fights with guys in the house, gets asshole belligerent and creeps all the girls out. His parents probably come from a lot of money, but don’t share it with him because he’s a complete sleaze, and also because of his cocaine and prescription pill problem. And every time he’s around, when it’s time to pitch in some cash for something, whether it’s for food or kegs or strippers, he never has any on him. He’s also an aggressive hazer. So sketchy, this guy.

I’m no detective or anything, but yeah, I’d question that guy first.

[via Onward State]



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