Nerd Study Says Liberals Outdrink Conservatives

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Nice Move

My fellow Americans, there is a war being waged in this amazing country, one that is greater than the War On Christmas, War On Drugs, and War On Juan Pablo’s Heart combined. I’m talking, of course, about the War On Republicans that has been declared by our old nemesis: statistics. According to a new study published by math geeks, red states drink less than blue states.

A new study from the Journal of Wine Economics shows that states that lean left tend to consume more spirits and beer than states with a more conservative bent.

So why would liberal inclinations be correlated with ordering another round? The authors review studies that suggest various explanations. Conservatives, for example, tend to be more religious than liberals, and religion has been linked with “healthier lifestyles by discouraging alcohol and tobacco consumption while encouraging exercise and personal hygiene.”

Darn numbers masquerading as unbiased quantitative reflections of reality.


[via Time Swampland]


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