New App Will Send Your Girlfriend Automated Texts While You’re Getting Hammered With The Boys

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BroApp launched on Sunday in the Android Google Play store. It’s for dudes only. It allows users to fire off “sweet,” coherent text messages to their significant others without actually having to take the time or attempt the treacherous, one-eye-closed disaster waiting to happen. Instead of typing out text messages, users may choose from a selection of automated texts.

When the user first logs on, he is prompted to enter his girlfriend’s name and type up a series of pre-scripted text messages. Then, the app goes to work while he sits back, puts up his feet, and lives the dream by putting zero effort into his relationship.

Another calling card for BroApp is its self-proclaimed intelligence. Labeled “smart” by the app’s developers, it will not send text messages if you are connected to your girlfriend’s Wi-Fi network. Obviously you’ll be with her, your cover will be blown, and she’ll realize you’re a worthless, lazy piece of trash.

There’s more, too. From Mirror News:

It also detects when the user has messaged his girlfriend in real time, or she has messaged him, and it cancels any pre-written texts to avoid arousing suspicion.

Finally, there is a “Girlfriend Intrusion Detector”, which the developers claim will send any inquisitive girlfriends to a list of gifts the user was planning to buy her if she tries to get into BroApp.

The iPhone version will be available soon.

[via Mirror News]

Image via BroApp


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