New List Reveals the Party Schools That Graduate the Highest Earners

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Nice Move

Most of the time when someone imagines a party school they envision a group of blackout drunk, quasi literate, impeccably dressed coeds giving each other handjobs beneath tailgating tents while their semi-professional football team dismembers the pathetic competition.

(*cough*) Alabama (*cough*)

However not every party school is populated solely with kids who, by eighteen, are already so burnt out that they couldn’t get into their own state’s schools and thus must travel a state over to spend four to six years exchanging more fluids than a drunk bonobo.

(*cough*) Arizona/Arizona State (*cough*)

By the way, I would attend any of those schools in a heartbeat.

There are some party schools that also routinely graduate successful, contributing members of society. The students at these schools have apparently mastered living the philosophy “work hard, play hard.” Sure they might be leaving college with a severely eroded liver and the clap, but they’re also leaving with a valuable degree, ready to enter the workforce and earn. wanted to figure out which party schools were doing the best job at graduating high earners, so they came up with the following methodology to find out.

Party School: One of the 20 schools on the 2011 Princeton Review Party School Ranking.

Mid-Career Median Salary: Half of the mid-career employees who are graduates of a school will earn more than this salary, while half will earn less. Salaries listed are for full-time employees with only a bachelor’s degree and no further higher education.

This is what they found:

It would seem the Big 10 is the big winner with three schools on the list. So if you want a good mix of partying and education it looks like that’s the conference for you. If you like successful sports teams, eh, not so much.



Rob Fox

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    Washington and Lee would be #1 on this list if it didn’t pay Princeton Review to remove it from the Party School rankings.

    $108,000 according to current PayScale and multiple appearances in top 5 of party school rankings before they bribed their way out of it.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 2 years ago

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