New Study Proves That Admiring Your Dick In The Mirror Is Just Natural

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I woke up fairly early this morning, around 9:45 a.m. to be exact. I rolled out of bed and took a shower. As I exited the shower, I found myself staring at the mirror, one hand firmly clutching my sack. It was still small. It still lacked girth, but it was damn sure still hanging in there. Checking out my little serpent isn’t bizarre, though. In fact, according to a new study, it seems to be completely natural.

A gaggle of scientists published a new study in some nerd journal called Current Biology. This publication isn’t something I would ever actually read (it doesn’t have big titties in it) but they seem to be on to something. They shoved a bunch of monkeys in front of a mirror to test some hypothesis they developed. Something about monkeys recognizing themselves in a mirror — I don’t really know, and quite honestly, I don’t care.

According to the study, the monkeys failed to recognize themselves in the mirror. Instead, they immediately turned around, shoved their asses in the air, and began caressing their babymakers.

Check it out:

Absolutely amazing. It’s obviously only natural to want to play with your junk. Big or small, thick or thin, every man wants to confirm his pride and joy is still attached every so often.

Science. Fuck yeah.

[via Slate]

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