Deputy Shows Up Shitfaced To Mothers Against Drunk Driving Award Ceremony

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Nice Move

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This is called going “full Florida.”

eputy Michael Szeliga of Pinellas County, Florida, who has personally arrested over 100 degenerates for DUI in four short years, was being awarded for his efforts by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, yet arrived to the ceremony in a state of mind that was described as “ready to party.”

At one point, apparently ol’ Mike was spotted drunkenly wandering the hallways of the hotel at which the ceremony was taking place in just his boxers…

From WFTV:

Szeliga, who allegedly packed a bottle of liquor for the 2-day training event in Fort Lauderdale, was described as “staggeringly drunk” by a witness at the Friday night banquet where he was slated to receive the MADD award.

A 274-page report on the deputy’s behavior indicates he and two other officers went to the hotel pool, where they drank alcohol instead of attending DUI training. Szeliga drank and played cornhole until he saw his fellow deputies leaving training. Then he returned to his room to get ready for the awards ceremony.

According to the report, he was so intoxicated the police chief from Gulfport, Florida, suggested Szeliga not go to the event. The deputy then made “disrespectful comments” toward the police chief, who reported the behavior to Szeliga’s boss.

Another officer reported seeing the deputy wearing “nothing but boxer shorts” in the hallway of the hotel, according to WFLA.

In summary, Szeliga drank and played cornhole at the hotel pool instead of attending his mandatory training, told off a superior when the guy suggested he maybe sit the reception out, showed up absolutely blitzed at perhaps the least acceptable time, and later stumbled through the halls of the hotel in his underpants.

What a fantastic day.

[via WFTV]

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