NFL Player Darnell Dockett Doesn’t Know You Can’t Live-Tweet Jury Duty, Live-Tweets Jury Duty

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Nice Move

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If you’re an avid NFL fan, you’re probably familiar with the crazy antics of Darnell Dockett.

Dockett, a defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, is notorious on Twitter for saying whatever is on his mind. Today is a particularly rough day for him, yet a great day for his followers, because he has been trapped at the local courthouse participating in jury duty.

Dockett, whose Twitter biography endorses crime (see below), has spent the day live-tweeting everything he has been forced to do or see in court–which is almost definitely against the rules. How anybody could even conceive placing him on a jury is beyond me.

The 33-year-old reptilian enthusiast runs a Twitter account that is not for children–as evidenced by his biography:

Ex criminal who turned nothing to something. FSU & AZ cardinals is my squad, and #90 is who I be. I don’t not free base cocaine. Crime pays!

Dockett also lists his personal website as, a website I don’t plan to visit, but will safely assume has nothing to do with his actual interests. His location? “Doing doughnuts in my lambo.”

Here is a snippet of his Twitter timeline today:

Probably a good idea to keep Dockett off any future juries.

[via Twitter]


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