NFL Safety Boss: League Might Ban Helmets One Day

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Nice Move

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Here’s something that might be difficult to wrap your head around: football without helmets.

With the number of concussions increasing among current players and mental disorders such as depression, memory loss, and mood swings increasing among former players, the chairman of the National Football League believes in the possibility of a ban on helmets sometime in the future.

From BBC Sport:

“Can I see a time without helmets? Yes,” said Dr John York.

“It’s not around the corner, but I can see it.”

I fully support this idea. I always get super startled when those big men go crashing into each other like that. It’s all just so dangerous and scary.

Other ways to make the NFL better:

1. Make it two-hand touch and fine players who get too rough.
2. Take out kickoffs because they run too fast.
3. Give every team a trophy at the end of the season.
4. Cover up the cheerleaders because there are children in the audience for goodness sake.
5. Cover up players too because what kind of message do those gang-banger tattoos send inner-city youths?
6. Change the names of teams named after animals because it promotes animal abuse.

Please, Mr. Goodell.

[via BBC Sport]

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