North Carolina Coach Larry Fedora’s Secret To Having A Six Pack: “No Cardio”

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Nice Move

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Cardio is the bane of any weight room warrior’s existence. It’s been scientifically proven that nothing will ruin your gains faster than going for a run. Now you may be asking, Jack, where’s this scientific proof to back up such a bold claim?

Case in point, Larry Fedora, the head football coach at the University of North Carolina.

Now Fedora, at age 51, clearly is going soft by only lifting 4 times a week, but the main factor to be taken away from this tweet is coach does zero cardio. I’m going to ignore the first requirement, as it seems completely unreasonable.

It’s unclear whether or not coach takes pre-workout, but he does enjoy himself a cold Red Bull or nine.

So in order to look like Coach Fedora, drink enough caffeine to kill a baby elephant and avoid doing a spin class. Easy enough.

ACC rivals David Cutcliffe and Dave Doeren have since responded with six packs of their own.

Football season can’t get here soon enough.

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