America forcing Maker’s to keep doing it the old-fashioned way. TFM.

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Nice Move


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    Douglas MacArthur

    Good for them, but I got a bottle of Booker’s last week and that’s my new love. It’s tasty, puts hair on your chest, and packs a punch. What more could a man ask for?

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      I think Wild Turkey 101 is actually a better burbon than makers is. It’s also less expensive and has a higher content. Plus when they made a lower proof that made sure to keep the original so that they wouldn’t loose customers but gain them.

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      Tommy Gufano

      ^ intriguing, someone considering the price of something before purchasing it. Novel idea here. Buffalo Trace and Elmer T. Lee are both in the Maker’s price range and are both better in my opinion.

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      Douglas MacArthur

      I agree that Buffalo Trace does give the best combination of taste and value. For a mid priced bourbon, Rebel Tell is pretty good. For the mid-high price Maker’s is alright, but I’d put it below Knob Creek, Woodford, Jefferson’s, and Pappy, but above Elmer T. Lee, 1792, Angel’s Envy, and Bernheim. Maker’s is okay, but way overrated.

      Yeah it’s pricey but purely on taste, though, I now gotta go with Booker’s. It’s unfiltered and has a high alcohol content (126 proof). It’s raw bourbon.

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      If it was the government, I’d agree. But since it was private citizens, I’d say that you’re a dope. There’s nothing Communist about consumers expressing their displeasure with a company.

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