Oakland Athletics’ Sean Doolittle Forced His Girlfriend To Go See “Star Wars,” The Results Were Phenomenal

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Nice Move

Oakland Athletics' Sean Doolittle Forced His Girlfriend To Go See %22Star Wars,%22 The Results Were Phenomenal

True life: I’ve never once seen one Star Wars movie. I was never exposed to them as a child and have never had any interest in seeing them. Not knocking all those nerds out there who did want to see it like Oakland Athletics reliever Sean Doolittle, though.

Doolittle was fired up about the new Star Wars movie last night, and of course he was going to force his girlfriend to join him. She wasn’t as thrilled as he thought she’d be.

Like a good girlfriend, she obliged just to make her man happy, attending the premiere in the costume he picked out for her. The real fun, though, happened in the car on the way to the theatre, where Sean played the theme song to the movie just to fuck with her some more. Her reaction is priceless.

Sean Doolittle may become one of my favorite baseball players if he keeps this up. Let this be a lesson to you guys out there: publicly shaming your girlfriend for your own enjoyment makes for good entertainment.


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