Official Trailer For ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Released

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Nice Move

It’s the final countdown, and with under two weeks until the highly anticipated new season of Arrested Development drops on Netflix, an official trailer has finally been released.

I’ve got to say, it surprised me when this opened with a joke that struck me as a bit of a stretch. Michael burning his hand on the overheated car door handle, in what I assume is the Arizona heat, seemed to be a poorly thought out reference to the many burning accidents from the first three seasons involving the notorious Cornballer. Unless I’m missing something here, that was a pretty weak first impression to give on a season that I’m fairly certain is going to make me piss and shit my pants simultaneously from cutting off oxygen to my brain because I’m laughing too hard.

Other notes:

It looks like George Michael is off to college, and I can only hope that somehow the writers have found time in this 15 episode storyline to get him into a fraternity. Watching him get hazed would be life-changing.

Tobias and Buster are obviously the most laugh out loud characters on this show, and from what I can tell based on this trailer and a scene that was recently released, I’m excited to see that trend continue.

Gob knocking the corner off a countertop by opening a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade made me spit water on my keyboard.



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