Staring Is Now Considered Sexual Harassment At Ohio State

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Staring Is Now Considered Sexual Harassment At Ohio State, Now You Have To Watch Where You Look

There you are sitting in class, staring aimlessly at the clock on the wall, when suddenly you catch yourself meeting the eyes of the beautiful, blonde babe with an ass that’s just dying to escape her yoga pants. In that magical moment, you think to yourself that it must be love. Meanwhile, she’s headed to some administrator to file a complaint against you for sexual harassment.

This could be a real life situation for you if you attend Ohio State University. That’s because, according to their sexual harassment guide, staring is now considered sexual harassment. The guide includes your usual suspects such as sexual comments, displays of sexual material, etc., but the one that stood out the most has to be the staring.

From Ohio State Student Wellness Center:


– Sexual comments or inappropriate references to gender
– Sexually explicit statements, questions, jokes, or anecdotes regardless of the means of communication (oral, written, electronic, etc.)
Unwanted touching, patting, hugging, brushing against a person’s body or staring
– Inquiries or commentaries about sexual activity, experience, or orientation
– Display of inappropriate or sexually oriented material in locations where others can view them

How the hell is this going to be enforceable? Seriously, how is someone going to prove that another person was staring at them? And brushing up against a person’s body? You know how many times that happens in a day? THOUSANDS. That means that at Ohio State, 1,000 people are committing sexual harassment on any given day.

If this is the case, I would like to file a complaint for all the “sexual harassment” I’ve been subject to during my college days. From the random bumps on the quad to the stares at the gym. I get it. I’m tossing around some heavy weights and air balling threes during pickup basketball, but that doesn’t mean you have to stare. I’m not a piece of meat.

[via Ohio State Student Wellness Center]

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