Ohio State Student Sinks Impossible Shot and Earns An A For Entire OChem Class

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Nice Move

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Organic chemistry sucks. OChem professors know it too, and never miss a chance to be cocky S.O.B.s. But when one Ohio State professor dared a student in his class to make an impossible throw from the upper level to hit a tiny plastic bin next to the lectern, he got more than he bargained for.

The stakes: a perfect score for the entire class on an OChem exam. The contender: this guy, Vinny Forte, who ascended to the high perch of the stoners and the sleeping dudes to challenge the very Gods like a pumped-up garbage can basketball Hercules with his mighty throw

Against all odds, Vinny hits the target and the room explodes, hurling this champion forever into the annals of legend (although everyone thinks his name is Benny for some reason). Vinny is a true hero, and exactly the savior we need.

God speed, Vinny. God speed.

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