Ohio University Student Finds Out His Professor Is Rather Chill After Skipping Class To Attend World Series

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Nice Move

From FOX Sports:

An Ohio University student named Charlie got a sweet surprise from his dad earlier this week: tickets to Game 1 of the World Series in Cleveland for Charlie and his brother.

The only problem: Charlie had class that night.

So he did what any resourceful college student would do in this dilemma. He checked into class, handed his homework to another student to turn in for him and then quietly dipped out to go to the game.

When his professor took attendance at the end of class, though, Charlie wasn’t there.

Below is their email exchange.




Professor R. Damian Nance is a cool dude. I get that. HOWEVER, the simple fact that this story became a national headline is just a reflection of the asshole professors roaming the halls of our universities. I actually think it should have been a bigger story if Nance wouldn’t have let him skip class — if he was all, “Nah. Sorry, Chuck. Rules is rules. I don’t care that your father got you World Series tix and you’re a diehard Tribe fan. Zero tolerance, my dude. You failed my class, you little fucker.”

Are there professors out there who actually wouldn’t bend their rules for a student to attend Game 1 of the World Series? Sure there are, but not many, I would guess. I mean Cleveland hasn’t won one since World War 2. What kind of self-righteous dweeb would you have to be to enforce your attendance policy at a time like this? Just thinking out loud here.

Anyway, cool story. Tied series. Game 3 in Chicago. Go Tribe.

[via FOX Sports]


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