Old Footage Arises Of Bill Clinton Trying To Feel Up A Flight Attendant

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Nice Move


Bill Clinton has always been what we call a ladies man. He loves his women and women love them some Bill. So when Bill was on a campaign plane and was seated next to a good looking blonde, what did you think was going to happen? The clip was posted the other day from an anti-Hillary Twitter account.

Shooters gonna shoot, and Slick Willy is a shooter. The man was the Steph Curry of the ’90s when it came to picking up women. He may not always score like he did with this mistress, but you know he was going to take his shot. Heck, the man allegedly tried to bang Jackie Kennedy, too. Bill’s gonna Bill.

Only thing I’m shocked is that this is the first video we’ve seen of something like this. I’d bet ol’ Slick has had his hands on many thighs during his day.


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