Old Man Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Australian Traffic Laws

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Meet Nathaniel Barker, a 76-year-old Australian resident who doesn’t give a single fuck about the law. Barker’s license has technically been disqualified from driving until 2090, but that hasn’t stopped this old dude from fighting the good fight and sticking it to the man. Barker has been labeled a habitual offender when it came to driving without a license, but “habitual offender” is a bit of an understatement. He’s been in court for the same arrest 28 times. It’s not as impressive as the amount of girls who have been sent to standards after I attended their formal events, but it’s still a very noteworthy number. Barker awaits sentencing for his latest case of zero regard for traffic laws.

From The Daily Telegraph:

Awaiting his sentence pending a mental health assessment, Barker made no comment outside court yesterday other than to confirm he would be catching the bus home.

Something tells me Barker said this tongue-in-cheek and drove his ass back home. It’s like telling a girl you’ll pull out or the police that you’ll keep the noise down at the party. You never intend to keep your word, but it’s the reassurance they want to hear. So here’s to you, Nathaniel Barker, you old, terrible driving bastard. You’re the perfect example of TFTC.

[via The Daily Telegraph]

Image via Cameron Richardson


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