Old Milwaukee and Jose Canseco Team Up in Bizarre Commercial

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Nice Move

Old Milwaukee is no stranger to off-the-wall ads, and last night during the All-Star Home Run Derby, Kansas City was treated to a locally targeted ad that surely left baseball fans scratching their heads. This time they turned to the always outspoken, categorically insane Jose Canseco to push their product.

Donning a jersey with his name on it and hat with the Canseco “C,” the former Bash Brothers member talks about the good ole days of baseball before the cheating began. Canseco, as many are already aware, was the epicenter of the steroid saga that consumed Major League Baseball for many years. He was an avid user turned loudmouth finger-pointer.

“Here’s to not cheating, KC. Sometimes last place is first place.”

Whatever you say, Jose.

As if the commercial couldn’t get any weirder, he then tries to open the can of Old Milwaukee, only he is unable to. My best guess is he’s trying to portray what life is like now that he is off the juice, leaving him helpless against the impossible athletic feat of opening a standard 12 oz. aluminum can. How this relates to the beer is anyone’s guess.

The whole thing is just bizarre. Watch it here:


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