Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork Is Still Roasting People On Twitter, This Time Calls Out Mississippi State Fan

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Nice Move

The Egg Bowl is weeks away, but as any true fan knows, shit talking your rival is a year-round event. Russ, a likely Twitter troll and Mississippi State fan, decided to place bets on Tuesday while simultaneously taking a shot at Ole Miss and its athletic director.

First off, I wouldn’t take that bet at all. Arkansas winning an SEC game this weekend against a superior opponent is about as likely as you and me winning an SEC game this weekend. Hell, OU has more SEC wins in the last two years than the Razorbacks do. Secondly, Russ picked the wrong athletic director to have some fun with. See, Ross doesn’t just beat you down with words–he will literally beat you down, and he has the championship belt to prove it.

If you’re going to come at Ross, you better not miss. Russ missed hard. Real hard. Mississippi State fans are getting really cocky for a team that has yet to play Alabama, possibly the best team in the SEC. I mean, the team just came off a game in which it struggled at home against the cellar-dwellers of the SEC in recent years. Maybe Russ needs to start worrying about his team a little more.


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