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    Shooting Turkey

    Ole Miss actually has one of the nicest stadiums in the country, it’s newly renovated and is easily the best atmosphere in college baseball right now. Also, “Halloween Guy” is a regular whenever Ole Miss starter Meyers (put two and two together) pitches, he stands motionless the entire time Meyers pitches, only sitting when the Rebels come up to bat. Hotty Fucking Toddy.

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    What a dump of a ballpark. I see Ole Miss spends their “old money” elsewhere. Come to Baum Stadium in Fayetteville if you want to see a real SEC baseball park, complete with about ten times that many fans.

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      Arkansas owns the NCAA record for attendance at a non-conference game (vs. Arizona State, 2010) and has been 2nd in the NCAA in attendance for 3 straight years.

      @Colonel Reb: Arkansas had 8,200 fans in attendance Saturday? That’s pretty impressive considering the team was in Baton Rouge.

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      Colonel Reb

      247frat, I stand corrected. Thought I read it was in Fayetteville. Regardless, I would argue that LSU, Arky, and Ole Miss are the top three in the nation in no specific order. Hard to not have a good time at any.

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      Hey shut the fuck up arkansas sucks ass hole we beat you guys three times this year and our stadium is way better then yalls piece of shit stadium

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      @247frat arkansas doesnt hold the attendance record for a nonconference game. That would be LSU if you dont count the super regional between mississippi state and clemson

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    Ole Miss winning something in the SEC for a change? Maybe they can win a football game this year against a different school other than Southern Illinois School for the deaf and blind.

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    Ours at South Carolina is a pretty good stadium. I don’t know if we cheered that hard last year when we beat UF for the national championship… We did when it in 2010 too though so I guess more familiar with it than Arkansas or Ole miss.

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