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    1300mmm said:

    JacksonandLamar said:

    1300mmm said:

    So anyways… Back to the topic at hand, if I’m described as by far the preppiest guy of all my friends, and am very conservative etc. Which house would be best? Iv heard ΣΧ and ΣΑΕ are both good but could you go into more detail?

    Wow no way you’re preppy and conservative? sounds like your also not in a fraternity, so why are you on tfm.

    Haha most people here aren’t in one anyways, but if it helps i’ve had 4 generations of my family graduate from Yale (all skull and bones members), we own the best international human resources firm in the western hemisphere, I’m the captain on my lacrosse team at boys Latin, my grandfather helped with the Reagan bush campgaighn, and we own 3 sailboats…

    Oh so your a yankee who likes to brag about wealth… we don’t want you at ole miss sorry.

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    I am an ATO at alabama. but i know a ton of girls that go to ole miss and are mainly KDs and DDD’s. when i talk to them they all say the top 3 tier fraternities at ole miss are in this order KA, Phi Delt, and sigma nu. They said sigma chi only received 50 pledges which for ole miss is extremely small so they are no longer top tier. and that sigma nu is still top tier but is soon to be replaced with ATO as ATO without a doubt had the best pledge class this past year. They said ATO’s pledge class was significantly better than the rest of the ole miss greek system. This isnt my opinion as i honestly dont give a shit cuz i go to alabama, but this is just what the girls i know from KD and DDD said. dont hate on me, hate on the girls that said that if you dont agree

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    Fratam West

    Col_Reb_is_my_mascot said:

    As much as I love being a student at Ole Miss, I really wish it was the school it was in the days of my father and my grandfather.

    yeah man tell me about it. my dad tells me some crazy stories. always hounds me about how different it is now (the drinking age was also 18 then…)

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    My friend and I are coming to Ole Miss next fall and we both are thinking of rushing somewhere. The downside is we both are from St. Louis and don’t exactly come from Old Money. Is it even worth trying to rush a middle or top tier frat or what?

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    I live in South Georgia and really want to come to ole miss and be part of the Greek life my dad and my grandpa were phi delts so after reading they are top tier I was overjoyed but are those houses mainly Mississippi boys or would I have a shot at rushing one of the best?

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