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    Fox News Hot

    Frathard6969 said:

    BrohemianFratsady said:

    Frathard6969 said:

    ole miss tries too hard and is about as cool as my left nut with aids.

    According to the princeton review, Ole Miss is #2 in greek life, maybe you should take a lesson in trying too hard.

    what does #2 in greek life have to do with anything? i was simply saying that everyone that goes their tries too hard to “frat” which really just makes ole miss a joke. according to my review bitch.

    I think you mean “there” not “their.” And I’m truly upset we failed in your review. I’m going to lose a lot of sleep over it.

    By the way, those reviews look at the percentage of the student body that’s Greek.

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    Ole Miss hardly likes the idea of change, especially within its greek system. However, ATO has come a very long way in a few short years and are, without question, Top 4 on campus. You’re not very bright if you say otherwise.

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    Hazing Canes

    ive got a buddy that is a Pike legacy headed to Ole Miss and is considering pledging. Other than the obvious that pike blows cock everywhere, someone please tell me about their reputation on campus so i can save this kid from the worst mistake of his life.

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    Hazing Canes said:

    ive got a buddy that is a Pike legacy headed to Ole Miss and is considering pledging. Other than the obvious that pike blows cock everywhere, someone please tell me about their reputation on campus so i can save this kid from the worst mistake of his life.

    Its actual pretty good, but most of the people i meet in pike suck here and always seem to try to fight everyone to show how big there dicks are.

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    You’re absolutely right. What an astute observation Einstein. Congratulations, the video does not in fact describe life at Ole Miss. It pretty accurately describes life in Mississippi in general as a whole. You might also observe Ole Miss happens to be located in the state of Mississippi. Connect the dots young mouth-breather.

    Come on. You gave me a youtube video that shows teenagers fighting on Venice beach. Is that the best you’ve got for a retort to my video? Isn’t that a part of the history of the school you claim? Rioting to keep people of another color from getting a college education? I gave you a whole website made by Mississippi’s own native citizens trying to turn it around fully admitting their state is the last rung on the ladder. If that’s not proof it actually does suck I don’t know what is.

    Secondly, I don’t hang out in LA. I’ll fully admit the overcrowding, traffic, and, crime in certain areas of LA are not what I’m looking for. I spent 8 years in Santa Barbara and the rest of the time my home has been in Del Mar and La Jolla far removed from the homeless, tourists, and gang bangers in Venice. Southern California is a very dynamic place. You can escape what you want and still keep the modern conveniences. You’re plugged in for the millennium. That’s not even possible in Mississippi. I couldn’t even buy arugala in the grocery store in Oxford for godsake. I asked to for a tri-tip and the butcher toothlessly looked at me like a deer in headlights.

    How much time have you actually spent in California? Have you lived there? I’ve lived in and been all over your shitty state north, south, east, west and done what people said was cool and the shoddiness remained wherever I went. Do you have Disneyland? Do you even have pro sports teams? How about the entertainment industry? Can you surf in the morning and snowboard during the afternoon? All that is only the tip of the iceberg. Sure, you can drive across your border to get some of these things, but you don’t have them as the piss poor state you are.

    I guess my point is not really even a comparison of the activities possible in Mississippi vs. California. If you’re really honest with yourself you know it’s not even a fair fight. Generally speaking the people and the attitude in the state are ignorant. You’ll meet someone here and there that’s open-minded (and I don’t mean liberal), but overall Mississippi is just Mississippi. Come spend some time in California. Usually most people welcome outsiders with open arms while people in Mississippi look at you like you’re retarded when it’s actually you that’s not quite with it.

    While I agree with you surrounding yourself with good friends to share good times with always helps it would do nothing to take you out of the bottom level living experience you get in Mississippi. All you’re doing is sharing what you think are good times with friends in a miserable inferior state while life washes over you like a wave. It’s all about perspective, and I’ve seen both sides.

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    I know you all will miss me, but this will in fact be my last post as I was just killing time in airports. Good luck Mississippi.

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    Tiz said:

    Frat McFratterson IV said:

    Tiz said:

    Unfortunately, I came to Ole Miss from Southern California on an athletic scholarship. I didn’t know much about the Greek scene, but I decided to rush. I received three bids: KA, SAE, Sigma Nu. I would have gotten a Phi Delt bid, but I slept through the last party. They all reminded me of the rich ****** son from Caddyshack. The people and the scene on the Ole Miss campus particularly the Greek scene is unbelievably vapid and full of posers and wannabes. Here’s a newsflash to all the little twits that think they’re balling driving mommy and daddy’s 2002 BMW: YOU LIVE IN MISSISSIPPI. You live in the asshole of America. The Third World of America.

    There’s only so many times a real man can be asked by a 20 year old boy who wears deck shoes and short shorts to clean puke off his lawn. Twice was my personal limit. After telling both to go fuck themselves when they asked I was promptly kicked out. I thought SAE might offer more, but I was wrong. It was an improvement, but more like the putting lipstick on a pig kind of improvement. I quit after a year. I don’t have to pay to have friends.

    I was able to finish two degrees studying abroad through Ole Miss and still play my sport. Anything to get out of that shithole. All the while they paid for my degrees and for me to play my sport. Mississippians actually know how bad their state is. They all seem bitter when they find out you’re not a native. I eventually got another undergrad degree and a Master’s from USC…..a real school. Take lessons Ole Miss.

    This is a warning to all who are thinking of going to Ole Miss. If you live in even a remotely cool place DON’T GO. You will regret it. All the stereotypes are true. In general, the people are ignorant, closed-minded, and completely vacuous. Mississippi is ten years behind the rest of the country. STAY OUT!

    Here’s a nice little video of actual Mississippians confirming all of this. Watch the video on the main page.

    I am not about to allow some piece of shit Californian talk badly about my school and especially my Greek system. Firs,t before you lie about how you rushed, how about actually making the story believable. You claim that you received three bids to KA, SAE, and Sigma Nu. However, you refused to do your pledge duties at all 3 houses?? There is no way possible that you pledged for three different fraternities in one year. You cannot just say “fuck this pledgeship” or get kicked from a fraternity and move to another fraternity the week later. Do not even try to say that you were a rushee at the time because there is no way in hell that Ole MIss fraternities make rushees do pledge work when they aren’t even a member yet. Secondly, if you pledged your first year at Ole MIss (which you implied) that would mean that you were probably 18 or 19. I don’t know if you realize but that does not constitute you as a “real man” and a 20 year old active fraternity member is more of a man than you ever will be.
    I will agree that the majority of Mississippi is not the greatest state to live in. However it has its good cities (Oxford, Jackson, Gulfport. etc….). The same could be said about California. It has its good cities where its beneficial to live there and then there are bumfuck places as well. California has its fair share of rednecks just like any state in the southeast. You also elected a fucking movie star as your Governor. That is how retarded people from California can be.
    Please leave this site. If you actually have your masters degree (which you said) then you are obviously a 30+ year old GDI on a site that caters to college-aged Fraternity and Sorority members. Your life must really be sad.

    I don’t need you to allow me. I did it without your permission, and I’m going to talk more shit about your school. I also have no reason to lie about my experience at Ole Miss. I’ll clarify because I couldn’t edit my original post. I took a Sigma Nu bid Fall semester, and lasted almost a month before I was kicked out for non-compliance. Basically, after I saw the shallowness of what was going on I think I was trying to get kicked out. I started hanging out at the SAE house and expressed interest in taking my bid for second semester pledging. They voted and agreed I could take my bid. I was initiated with the pledge class the following Fall. I couldn’t take most people at Ole Miss seriously, so I quit and moved to study abroad through the University of Oregon and a private Texas university both part of programs at Ole Miss, and I never returned. Is everything lined up for you now Fratty McFucktard?

    I also started Ole Miss at 18 with over a year of college credit from online and AP courses. I had a double major with two degrees when I was pushing my 21st birthday. A year and a half later I had a B.S. degree from USC and had been admitted to grad school. I was finished with that right after my 24th birthday. Are you that untaught that you think grad school is exclusive to people in their 30′s? I don’t care who you think this website caters to. It’s the internet dipshit. I know you’d like to think it’s limited to only The North Face wearing self-styled Masters of the Universe like you and your poser friends that pervade the Ole Miss campus, but it isn’t. Are you still following all of this?

    If you think paying monthly dues to have friends, guzzle beer, and feel the brotherhood equates to being a man you’ve got some serious learning to do. Why don’t you come on out to the west coast, and you and I can have a little talk about what’s really important in life. I’m willing to bet odds are if you’re a small town southern boy you wouldn’t last five fucking minutes around any kind of populace. You haven’t a clue about what kind of man I was at that place you call a college. I know for a fact I was light years ahead in terms of maturity and confidence than the spoiled pieces of shit frat f@gs that were trying to stroke their own egos with 2:00 AM role calls and timed Greek alphabet recitations. Gosh darn it. I should have stayed in, so I could check that off my bucket list. I feel robbed like I really passed up a great opportunity. How long are those bids good for again Fratty McFucktard?

    I’m so glad we agree that Mississippi is not the greatest state to live in. The word ‘great’ should never be uttered in the same sentence actually. It’s the worst, and at this point it wouldn’t matter if I was from Shangri-La people like you are going to bash wherever I’m from by default. Remember, I didn’t even make this about how great California is, however I’m very secure about where my home stands on a desirability to live scale. I don’t need to defend California. Like I said a comparison is not even a fair fight. Hey, remember that movie star Ronald Reagan from California we elected president? He did terrible things. God, we must have been retarded to elect a guy that could only memorize lines. Even though I’m not an Arnold fan kudos on that most thoughtful analogy. Did you think of that all by yourself or did your fraternity big brother help you?

    So, it appears you’re swirling about a half empty cesspool at this point. I gave you a little credit because it looks like you’re a IV (fourth) in your family tree in a semi long line of incapacity. Hopefully by the time you’re squirted out with a useless diploma you’ll realize, “Man, I used to be an idiot. What was I thinking?”.

    Once again, if you’ve graduated grad school, it’s time to move-on. We all know you never got a bid, you don’t like us, we don’t give a shit about you, so kindly leave.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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    Tiz said:

    I know you all will miss me, but this will in fact be my last post as I was just killing time in airports. Good luck Mississippi.

    Man I’d hate to read your suicide letter, it’d be a damn novel trying to explain why your life sucked so bad. You display the greatest qualities of maturity, tiz. All of your “accomplishments” and you STILL have time to get on a discussion board that is targeted to young, college-aged students and bitch about why everyone hated you in school. What sport did you play? What “business” are you involved with? I smell bullshit. I think you’re a guy that has no family, no one is attracted to you, and to make yourself feel better, you have to surf the internet looking for ways to make yourself feel better. Enjoy your lonely life in front of a computer screen looking at porn and blogging about reasons no one likes you.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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    srattin since 1851

    Tiz said:

    I know you all will miss me, but this will in fact be my last post as I was just killing time in airports. Good luck Mississippi.

    Next time, kill time on the total geed website. You will fit in better.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago

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