Olivia Wilde Got Extremely Naked On HBO’s Vinyl Last Night, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

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Nice Move

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I have a confession to make. I had never seen, nor heard of, HBO’s series “Vinyl” until last night when I decided to turn it on. With my expectations in the gutter, I was met with a huge boost in confidence when a nude Olivia Wilde hit my screen.

Wilde 3

Wilde 2

Wilde 1

Damn. She fit. Still got it at the age of 32. Spoiler alert, though: She’s got a bush. Not even mad about it. I kinda need to start watching this show if we’re going to see more of this.

Once again, I can’t directly link to the NSFW pics but really all you need to do is google “Olivia Wilde nude Vinyl” and you’ll find that the second link will be something that interests you.

Olivia Wilde has got to be up there on the dream girl rankings, right? Not only is she an absolute dime, but she also finds Jason Sudeikis attractive, which means that normal guys like you and me have a shot. Right?

Images via HBO/Vinyl, Instagram/@oliviawilde


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