Olympic Officials Can’t Seem To Get Anything Right, Lose Keys To Olympic Stadium

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Nice Move

Olympic Officials

Yesterday marked the official first day of the 2016 Olympic games as the women’s soccer tournament kicked off. While the opening ceremonies will be held Friday, starting soccer earlier was needed to cram everything in over the next two and a half weeks. However, it seems that officials weren’t quite ready for things to start Wednesday at Olympic Stadium.

They lost the keys to open the east gate and needed firemen to break the lock.

Personally, I think this is a good thing. Everyone in the media, myself included, was worried about the safety of our athletes and fans. This is simply Brazil officials letting us know that these Olympics are safe for everyone. What better way to show off how safe you are than locking a lock and throwing away the key?

Just a smart move by Brazil to change perception days before the opening ceremonies. Side note: The US Women started strong, beating New Zealand 2-0. Might as well give us the gold now.

Image via Twitter/@juliadcarneiro


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