Oregon State Students Flood Streets Searching For Clowns After False Sighting

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Nice Move


While thousands of Penn State students swarmed the streets last night in search of clowns, Oregon State had a clown scare of their own.

According to the Things Overheard at OSU Facebook page, a mob of students armed with baseball bats and golf clubs took to the quad while chanting “FUCK CLOWNS!” after numerous reports of clown sightings popped up on social media.


But the local police department insists the clown sightings were nothing more than a hoax started by unknown internet trolls. They remind students to check with either them or the city website before freaking out.


*puts on tinfoil cap*

Not buying it, coppers.

This is one of those classic “nothing to see here, move along people” cop moments, where there’s clearly some fishy shit going on, but the cops want to keep it low key to prevent a wide-scale panic. I’ve seen it countless times before. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The X Files. Men In Black. Stranger Things. I’m not saying your campus is being invaded by clowns of either the extra-terrestrial or paranormal variety, but I’m not not saying it, either.

Stay frosty, kids.

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