OU’s SAE Is Going To Wish This Very Racist Video Didn’t Get Leaked

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Nice Move

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A pathetic display of inhumanity was recorded by an occupant aboard what appears to be a chartered bus full of Sigma Alpha Epsilon members from the University of Oklahoma. In the video, an enthusiastic chant is heard that includes the phrase “There will never be a n*gger SAE!” being repeated, followed by “You can hang ’em from a tree, but they’ll never [inaudible] with me!”

The video is below.


Disgusting. Sad. Pathetic. Shameful. All of it.

Many stereotypes exist for legitimate reasons. Racism running rampant among fraternities is one that is unfortunately alive and well because of people like this. Exposing it brings me pleasure.

Several tipsters have alleged that the removal of the SAE chapter from the university is imminent, but we haven’t yet seen an official word on the matter.

UPDATE: The SAE chapter at OU has been placed on a “cease & desist.”

Brad Cohen, SAE’s National President, had this to say following the release of the video:

Image via OU.edu


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