Watching Porn Stars Talk About The First Amendment Will Get You Hard And Educated

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Nice Move

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The First Amendment. That’s the freedom of speech one, right? The one that lets me say, “Fuck Dorn! He’s a piece of trash with lackluster style who talks way too much about his (terrible) golf game and is the worst boss ever because sometimes he makes me eat hair for his amusement?” Yeah, that’s the one.

There’s actually more to it than just freedom of speech, though. Let these porn stars explain.

It’s pretty obvious that there’s an agenda behind this video, but odds are you were too busy staring hopelessly at a bunch of blurred pixels hoping that the video editor screwed up to either notice or care. In case you were wondering, the porn stars are very clearly singling out T…

Actually, be right back. Just got called into Dorn’s office.

[via Funny Or Die]

Image via Funny Or Die


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