Patrick Kane’s Mullet Makes Its Triumphant Return For The 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Nice Move

When he’s not beating up cab drivers, getting blackout drunk at Wisconsin during Cinco de Mayo, or partying with his shirt off in a limo in Vancouver, Patrick Kane is one of the most badass American hockey players going in the NHL right now. Adding to his legend, Kane is sporting a pretty sweet mullet for the fourth consecutive postseason.

It all started after Kane couldn’t grow a beard during the Hawks’ 2010 Stanley Cup run, in which Kane scored the Cup-clinching goal against the Philadelphia Flyers in game six of the finals. So instead of growing a nasty lip sweater and overgrown sideburns, Kane went with the Missouri Compromise. Mullets. TFM. Kane even added some racing stripes on the side of his Kentucky Waterfall. Power move. I don’t think you’d be able to distinguish him from your average Kid Rock concert-goer with salad like this.

There’s also this badass video of Kane showing off his Tennessee Tophat.

Party on, Pat. Party on.

[via ESPN Chicago]



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