Penn State Chi Omega Chapter Will Not Be Punished For Fiesta Party, Protected By Free Speech

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Nice Move

Score one for rational thought.

Penn State president Rodney Erickson admonished students who wore costumes and held offensive signs in photographs circulated on the Internet, but said in a campus-wide letter Thursday that the school won’t pursue disciplinary action.


Erickson said the “disturbing behaviors” were protected by free speech rights. He said he was disappointed and dismayed, but hoped that lessons would be learned from the case.

As I said in the previous post about this party, the signs were really dumb, and posting pictures with the signs was even dumber. It’s pretty hard to deny that. Still, the signs aside, which considering the end result of all this probably deserved the reaction they got, it is good to see that cooler heads prevailed and no one felt the need to overreact to a bit of bad press.

However, the chapter has been placed on probation by the Chi Omega national office. All things considered, a small price to pay for a scenario that could have seen any number of more severe consequences.

Now, everyone throw on a sombrero, in the most culturally respectful way possible, chug tequila, while being mindful of the strife of the modern immigrant, and rage balls, respectfully.





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    ice cold frat

    A perfectly good opportunity to lambast the Greek community wasted… Bleeding heart liberals are rolling over in their grav… collective filth right now.

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