Penn State Professor Trolls Students By Baiting Them With Online Folder Labeled “Final Exam Answer Key”

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Nice Move

Finals suck. Unless you are gifted with a treasure trove of test banks, you may actually have to study. When you have to study, you’ll go to any length necessary to get an edge and nail the final. Me? I once put my notes in my graphing calculator for my international trade class. Nailed the final with a perfect score. Some students go onto Blackboard, or sites like it, to download all of the notes/study guides/etc, hoping to find something of use.

When one Penn State student was scouring through their online portal, he thought he had discovered a hidden gem for his IST 210 final. He saw a link for the answer key to the final and had a click. It didn’t go as planned.

There’s a special place in hell for people who mess with the fragile minds of a college student during finals. This is just cruel.


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