People Are Outraged Over This Recruiting Firm’s Job Posting And I’m Not Really Seeing The Issue

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Nice Move

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So, recruiting firm ICS is in a bit of hot water after its recent job posting for a secretary position. Here’s what they posted and later deleted on their LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.14.25 PM

I’m not really seeing the problem here. I’ll admit I’m not exactly educated on the matter, but what amounts to almost $53,000 seems like fair compensation for a secretary, right? Do male secretaries make more? Are there even dude secretaries? I’m fully on board with wage equality, so if that’s what all the outrage is about then pay the damn ladies.

Wait a minute. I think I see it now. This must have upset all those in the pro-stocking camp. They’re radical fundamentalists so it makes sense that the “stockings optional” would be upsetting. It’s 2015, ICS, and this is a pro-stocking world.

[via Metro]

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