Phi Psi Chapter Hands Out Bids Featuring Nude Girls, Offends Clothed Girls

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Nice Move

“Hi, Conor Clark, Rush Chairman, damn glad to meet you. Here’s your bid. I hope you accept membership into our pledge education program. If not, no big deal. Enjoy the tits.”

I hope it went down something like that (damn, I should have been a rush chair). However, the photos of the tits are so tiny on the collage — we didn’t even have to ‘boat them — that it almost seems pointless. Almost. That’s art right there — the way the small photos work together to create the much larger Phi Psi letters. Impressive. It must’ve taken some pledge class a very long time to complete.

However the conversations went down while presenting the titty bids, the campus is abuzz about it.


When Swarthmore College senior Marian Firke saw a photograph on Facebook of a fraternity’s flier inviting new members to join, she got mad.

The flier, she said, was a collage of photos of naked women. A fellow senior told her that the frat, Phi Psi, had used it as a bid letter for at least four years.

Firke got more than mad, actually. She, along with three friends, started a petition asking the Student Budget Committee to withhold funding to Swarthmore fraternities if they failed to maintain an active roster of at least 10% females. Last spring, “the student body approved a referendum calling for the school’s two fraternities to admit students of any gender,” but said referendum is not binding on the fraternities.

Here is the aforementioned petition. And here is a larger image (click to enlarge) of the aforementioned titty bid:

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 4.19.38 PM

h/t @KYBlackout


Image via Daily Gazette



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