Phil Mickelson Hits Flop Shot Over Grown Man Just Feet In Front Of Him Again

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Nice Move

The flop shot is one of my absolute favorite shots to hit in golf. It’s actually one of my top things to do in sports, period. There’s just something about hitting a flop just perfectly that feels so pure and right — like hitting nothing but net on a basketball court or hitting a baseball squarely on the sweet spot so you barely feel it come off the bat. I sometimes attempt to flop even when it’s entirely unnecessary, just out of pure joy.

The difference in my flop shot and Phil Mickelson’s — well, one of the differences — is that mine is always preceded by these words: “Guys, watch out. I’m gonna try a flop here,” followed by my buddies taking a healthy five or so paces in the direction opposite my aim. Whereas Phil will allow a normal sized man to stand within a wedge-length of the golf ball when he hits his flop.

Watch the video of Phil flopping over Roger Cleveland, including Phil giving a quick tutorial of how he does it. It’s beautiful.

Not talked about enough is the fact that the club head swings dangerously close to Cleveland, who doesn’t do as much as flinch. Get a load of the plums on this guy.

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 4.13.11 PM

You better tuck those balls in, Rodge.



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