(PHOTO) Arizona State Girl Goes To Halloween Party Completely Naked Because Arizona State

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Nice Move

Why did I not go to school in Arizona? I would gladly sacrifice my literacy and risk being stabbed on campus (well, in Tempe anyway) to swim through a sea of gorgeous, adorably confused, morally void women. In Arizona, shame must be something you only learn about in books, which is why no one there has heard of it.

The most recent proof that Arizona schools do indecency better than anywhere else comes from the state’s flagship deviant university, Arizona State, where one girl took the slutty Halloween costume to a new level. I mean, I don’t even really know what she went as, since she literally wore nothing but heels. Otherwise, it was all out there. There weren’t even a pair of ears to make her a Slutty Leopard or Slutty Rabbit. I guess she was just a Slutty Slut? Not sure, don’t care, because NAKED.

Here she is, courtesy of @ASUConfessions:


Yup, that’s a hot blonde girl’s ass. Not really sure what this girl was thinking when she decided to go as “Naked Human,” but props to her on having the confidence to pull this off.

I wonder what talking to her was like. I, for one, would have had an extremely difficult time putting together a coherent sentence while simultaneously attempting to keep my eyes above the neck. The amount of concentration that would require would be too much to bear for a legitimately diagnosed ADD sufferer/pervert like myself.

“So…do…major…you…what…in…school times SHIT I’M SORRY I HAVE TO LOOK HOLLLLY FUCKKKK THOSE ARE SOME ROCKIN’ TITS! I apologize, madam. Have a pleasant evening.”

Yeah, I don’t think I could handle that situation maturely or appropriately.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a trip to Arizona State to plan.

[via @ASUConfessions]


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