(PHOTO) George H.W. Bush’s Sock Game Is Still Second To None

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Nice Move

George H.W. Bush went to meet new Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien and once again his sock game was 100% on point. I think by now we have to assume that 41 has an aide whose sole job is to buy him socks, which is, at least, more respectable than any position you could possibly have on Jimmy Carter’s staff. Not to mention Bush’s socks have endeared him more to the nation than Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humanity work ever did, but we have the internet and social media to thank for that, in both the publicity factor and that the mediums have made us all idiots clamoring for bright and adorable things. Not unlike the cats who dominate web content, ironically.

Regardless, dammit these are some more great socks from 41.

[via Twitter]

h/t to @sperbro


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