Photo: Giant Golden Clitoris Put On Display In University’s Library

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Nice Move

I just don’t know anymore, guys. Between a llama chase getting the O.J. Simpson coverage to the country being torn apart and brought to its knees by a dress, I just don’t know if this is a world worth living in anymore. Now, while I’m just trying to coast into the weekend, this photo of a giant golden clitoris being put on display in a university library catches my attention and I’m one step closer to the ledge.

Yup, that’s a clit alright, and it’s just posting up in the library at Sewanee: The University of the South. I’ve never exactly “gotten” art, and if this is what’s hot on the streets nowadays, I’m guessing I never will. If this was a giant golden dong, it would be grotesque and perverted, but since it’s a clit, it’s powerful and moving. You can’t just call a spade (dick) a spade (dick) and then turn around and call a fishmonger alley art. I need some consistency, people. We need to be all in on genital celebration or fold the hand we’re given.

Image via Instagram


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