PHOTO: Some Guy Is Going Around Akron And Pooping On Everyone’s Cars

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Nice Move

Some dude is just going around Akron, Ohio and leaving Cleveland Steamers on the hoods of cars. No one is safe. Police say 19 cars have already been defecated on by the serial log dropper, and he is very much at large. Here’s a photo of this heinous crime against humanity being committed.

His face is priceless. Just zero shame.

I’m dying to know the time frame for between incidents, Homa. Does this guy just have a shit switch he can turn on at any time? Nineteen separate cars in a few days’ time would be rather impressive. I have Crohn’s and I’m still only firing missiles three times a day.

Also, what’s his motive? Is he hitting up people on a literal “shit list?” Are these poos of passion or flat-out random acts of brick laying? I’m just asking the important, hard-hitting questions most are afraid to ask.

Image via Twitter


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