Pick Anyone On Any Team Opposing Oakland And Win $10,000

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Nice Move

Unlike mine, your fantasy football season is over. You’re not going to the playoffs and are already preparing your draft board for next season, because you’re progressing through the stages of grief. Quit wallowing in sorrow, you pussy. You can still salvage some sort of dignity this fantasy season thanks to DraftKings.

Enter the $100,000 Contest NOW FOR FREE

Our good friends over at DraftKings are holding a special contest just for TFM that you can enter for a shot at the top prize of $10,000 in their NFL $100K play-action contest. That’s enough to pay for attorney fees to cover up that dead hooker you’ve got locked in your closet.

The rules on DraftKings are simple. You’re given $50,000 in cap space to put together a team that will score the most fantasy points. Win big NOW because waiting an entire season for a payout is for geeds.

Enter The Contest for NOW FOR FREE

If you’re a first time depositor, entry is COMPLETELY FREE. If you’ve been killing it on DraftKings all year like me, the entry fee is only $2. Do you have $2? Fuck yeah you do. First place in the NFL $100K play-action contest will take home $10,000 in cold hard cash.

Sign up now before the contest fills, draft a team that doesn’t include any Oakland Raiders, and earn your shot at $10,000.

Check out DraftKings.com and learn more about daily fantasy football


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