Plane Crash That Killed 4 Students Might Have Been A Rush Event That Went Terribly Wrong

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Nice Move

This is a weird story.

Relatives of a plane crash victim in Ohio are potentially filing a wrongful death suit in what might’ve been a fraternity rush event gone completely and horribly wrong.

On the night of Aug. 25, four students were killed when the plane they were in lost control and crashed in northern Ohio. The flight was possibly a recruiting event for Zeta Beta Tau at Case Western Reserve University.

ZBT is denying it, assuring the flight wasn’t a rush event. However, an ambiguous Snapchat story has both sides split on its intention. One of the students killed posted two Snapchat stories before takeoff. One was captioned, “cleared for takeoff.” The other said, “rush.”

The debate now is what he meant by the word “rush.” Was he implying that the night flight was a rush event? Or was he describing his state of mind?

The whole thing is incredibly sad. One half of me says, “Why the hell would you get in a plane with three other college kids?” but the other half sees how it could be thrilling enough for an 18-year-old kid to agree to go.

I’ve never heard of a rush event that takes place in an airplane. As cool as that sounds, it’s way too dangerous for any fraternity–or human being–to sanction.

[via ABC News]

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