Play Adam Schefter In 1-Week Fantasy Football For Big Money

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Nice Move is holding another exclusive one-week contest just for TFM where you can go up against Adam Schefter of ESPN for real money. Even if you don’t place in the contest, as long as you beat Schefter you’ll still win your money back. In addition, any first top depositor will receive a free $2 contest entry. Schefter’s lineup below won $200 last Sunday – think you can do better?


Whoever wins 1st place in this week’s contest will win a ticket worth $109 for the NFL Sunday $200,000 contest (worth $109). 2nd place will win $75, 3rd-5th will win $20, and 6th-10th will win $15. All you have to do is throw down $5, draft your team, sit back and let the good times roll.

There are only 60 spots in this week’s contest, and they fill up fast, so I recommend you stop crying over the fact that you stop watching that GIF of Schefter eating shit over and over and DRAFT YOUR TEAM NOW, unless you’re scared of getting pounded.



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