Playboy Model Posts Seductive Pictures On Twitter To Spite Her Ex Who Only Liked Her For Her Body

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Nice Move

Crazy title, huh? Peruvian Playboy model Tilsa Lozano was dating some soccer player who apparently only liked her for the tits, ass, and nothing else. At least, that’s how she puts it. Fed up with the fact that he didn’t like her for her personality, Lozano decided to do something about it–only, I’m not sure what she accomplished. She posted some shots of her body to Twitter.

From Daily Mail:

Tilsa Lozano uploaded a series of seductive photos to Twitter as a way of showing Peruvian footballer Juan Vargas that he should have valued her mind and sense of humour over her body.

Despite their revealing nature, the images were said to be a dig at the model’s ex-boyfriend – who failed to appreciate Ms Lovazo for her intellect.

Here are the photos she posted:

So you want this guy to respect your mind and wit? Got it. You protest by showing how good your body looks? That’s quite confusing. Where is the intellect? Where are a few good jokes to show off your humor? All I see is a nice body–which is not a problem at all–but it doesn’t help your cause.

This chick has to be batshit crazy, right?

[via Daily Mail]


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