Playboy Releases List Of Top 10 Party Schools

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Nice Move

Every year, Playboy compiles a list of their top 10 party schools, and every year people complain that their school isn’t on there. You know why that is? Because your school isn’t fun. HA. Anyways, here’s the list, fuckers:

10. University of Maryland
9. Arizona State University
8. University of Georgia
7. Louisiana State University
6. University of Texas
5. Florida State University
4. University of Southern California
3. University of Colorado
2. University of Wisconsin
1. West Virginia University

Pretty solid list, assuming DeVry only didn’t make the list because it’s ranked #0. We frat so hard here that you can’t even quantify that shit. My buddy Slimdingo had to go to the hospital last weekend. Dude got so fucked up he got his dick stuck in his computer’s CD tray. Now we all call him “floppy dics.” It’s a TFM.

In all seriousness, I don’t understand why West Virginia is always ranked so highly on these lists. I don’t personally derive enjoyment from igniting sectionals or having sexual intercourse with my cousin, though, so maybe I’m just biased. I mean, I’m obviously biased because I actually attend the school ranked directly behind WVU, but that’s beside the point. Regardless, if going to the University of Wisconsin means not having to go to West Virginia University, I’d rather be #2 any day.

[via Huffington Post]



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