Pole Dancing Poised To Become Olympic Sport

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Nice Move

I might need to get a bigger DVR come the next Olympics. The International Pole Sports Federation (this really exists) is making regulatory changes in order to make pole dancing respected enough to secure a bid as an Olympic sport.

This is really great news for America going into the next Olympic season. Dare I say we have no peers anywhere else in the world when it comes to pole sports. We’re almost guaranteed to slide, shimmy and grind our way to victory, beating countries like China and Russia handily. Besides, Russia is so cold that I don’t even think pole dancing is a thing there. The number of emergency calls for strippers getting stuck to their poles would be out of control, like an X-rated version of that scene from A Christmas Story.

This opens a very weird can of worms, though. How long before we just give up all pretenses and go back to the most traditionally ancient Greek sport of them all (other than living off welfare): Olympic banging? The IOC needs to be careful on this call, because we’re headed down a slippery pole.

[via The Big Lead]



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