Police Raid Sigma Pi House At University Of Rhode Island, Find Pounds Of Weed

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Nice Move

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Sigma Pi at the University of Rhode Island was raided yesterday after police received a tip that a brother was selling large quantities of marijuana out of the house. Dan Coburn was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver after officers recovered two pounds of marijuana, a small amount of hash oil and $604 in cash during the search.

The school released the following statement today.

From WPRI:

The arrest of Dan Coburn, a sophomore student charged Monday, April 20 with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, has been referred to the University’s Office of Student Life for consideration as part of its student conduct process. Disciplinary action could result in dismissal.”

Danny boy here has clearly never heard of Biggie’s “10 Crack Commandments.” Otherwise, he’d know to never sell where he rests at, and to keep his family and business completely separated.

Also kind of a dick move by police to schedule the raid on 4/20. If there’s one day a year all pot dealers should be safe, it’s that day, right? And all over two pounds of dope and $604? You just inconvenienced some dorm hall on campus for all of three days. I’m sure the captain was proud of such an impressive haul. Mighty fine police work, guys. Mighty fine.

[via WPRI]

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