POLL: What Do You Call It When You Open A Can Of Beer By Smashing It On Your Head?

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Nice Move

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Despite our best efforts to get y’all to “stop” smashing beers against your heads, you are unified in your endeavor, and continue to do so in droves. What you are not unified in, however, is the preferred nomenclature for this act. We’ve heard it called more names than a bouncer who’s taking fake IDs instead of just denying people, so we decided it was our duty to find out who calls it what where.

Please assist us in our noble cause. Select your preferred name for this act below, then click “See The Breakdown,” which will allow you to fill out your gender and age — there’s no signup required, and it only takes approximately 3 seconds (like you, on a good night). Once you do this, we will have the crucial demographic information necessary to find out the names by which different genders, age groups, and areas of the country refer to this act.

Let’s find out.

Did you click “Other?” Let us know what you call it in the comments section.


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